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Potential location for Fine Arts Center

We are in the process of leasing a new building to house the Tehilla Messianic Worship and Fine Arts Center. We have outgrown our current location and have been working the past several months on leasing 7,088 square foot building in Euless, Texas to house our Fine Arts Center. The building has been empty for about 8 years and there are several hurdles that we are having to cross before the City of Euless will issue us an occupancy permit. However, the City and the property owners are working with us to make this as easy as possible. There will need to be some renovations to bring the building up to code which include a fire corridor.

Euless, Texas is in the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and will make it more accessible to all the Messianic Congregations.

One of our biggest desires it to have more evenings of praise and worship like we recently had with Ted Pearce and bring the congregations together to dance. We had such a wonderful time dancing together and others were there just to enjoy the music and have an awesome time of fellowship.

We seek your prayers as we continue on this endeavor as we desire to serve the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.

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